His farm stand is what business is all about - lessons learned from Ezra


A few weekends ago, I got to spend some quality time with family, some of the best moments, right? My daughter and I were at our lake house and one of our favorite things to do is take walks together and chat about life. 

One of our new traditions is visiting Ezra and his farm stand to buy the most beautiful flowers you’ve ever seen, not to mention delicious fresh fruits and veggies. 

Let me set the stage. Ezra sets up his stand on a tractor and arranges flowers all around to decorate it. Anyone can set up a farm stand, but he sets his up as an experience. It’s breathtaking the moment you see it and you can’t help but be drawn to it. 

Ezra is kind, inviting and friendly - exactly like his stand and it’s why everyone is excited to see him set up year after year. I’ve had the great opportunity to talk with him, get to know him and learn from him. 

He is very knowledgeable about his goods and does things like offering taste tests so people can pick out something they might not even know they like! Think about that. He is giving away his goods because he truly wants people to enjoy and have a great experience. 

This is not only good business, it’s smart business. We can all learn a lesson from Ezra. He takes the time to provide the extra touches that truly make a difference. 

My daughter and I loaded up our arms with goodies and were about to walk back to the lake house (which is a tad far away) and Ezra’s daughter, who also works at the stand, said we could simply leave our purchases there and come back later with the car so we wouldn’t have to carry it all the way back. So thoughtful and so appreciated. 

I want to spend money at Ezra’s stand. I want to support him. I love and support small business.  

  • Do people want to spend money at your business? 

  • What are you doing for the greater good? 

  • How are you showing up and supporting others? 

  • Are you focusing on excellent customer service?

  • Are you doing everything you can to help your team thrive?

Whether you run a Fortune 500 or a farm stand by the lake, the concept is the same. Find the human connection. A smile, a kind gesture, a supportive word - these go a lot farther than just about anything and certainly affect your bottom line. Always remember, people do business with people they know, like and trust. Build the relationship and you will own your success.  

Ivy SlaterComment