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Slater Success provides your organization with access to top executive coaches across a variety of topics that affect your business. From strategic growth and consistent profitability, to income vs. expense management and conflict resolution, our team works closely with yours to uncover your blind spots, establish achievable goals, and determine an effective strategy and action plan to move your business forward.


Areas of Expertise

Goal Setting and Overall Strategic Planning

Business Expansion and Scalability

The Relationship between Growth and Risk

Communication and Team Productivity

Sales Conversations and Conversions




Percentage of companies that, after working with an executive coach, report they recouped their investment on coaching

Source: ICF


“Ivy has an impressive ability to rapidly zero in on core issues or blocks and present logical solutions. In under one day, she helped me structure an overwhelming number of moving targets into a laser-focused, concise game plan. Walking away with well-defined strategies, literally in-hand, feelings of overwhelm and confusion were transitioned into empowerment, motivation, and confidence. I believe with all certainty working with Ivy will be one of the smartest investments.”

Suzanne Kelly


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