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Earl Nightingale said, “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal.” What is your worthy goal? What are you progressively pursuing? We’ll dive into these questions and more as we identify what it will take to transform you from being the good leader you are into the great leader you’re meant to become.

Expect to receive one-on-one attention, empathetic listening as well as personalized advisement from one of our specialized coaches that will rewire your mindset for success, self-discipline, and confidence.


Areas of Expertise

Goal Setting and Accountability

Identifying the Golden Goose in Your Network

The Relationship between Growth and Risk

Defining and Communicating Your Vision

Establishing Habits of Productivity

Navigating the Obstacles of Work and Life

How to Break Through the Paper Wall of Self-Limiting Beliefs



Percentage of executives who, after working with an executive coach, reported an increase in self-confidence


Experienced an improvement in communication skills

Source: ICF


“When [Ivy and I] started working together, I was a new director in a department in an independent school in NYC. The staff was out of alignment with my goals and vision and were trying to manage me instead of me managing them. Using Ivy's approach helped me to create a shift in my team and hence I became the leader going forward. This enabled me to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the school, being the liaison with the board of directors and a well-respected peer to the movers and shakers who made the school the success it is today.”

Heather Hinkley Trotta


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