I didn't do it to make money

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If you are at the point in your business when adding a partner or more team members to your roster is happening, I invite you to read this snippet from Chapter 5 (Creating Great Partnerships) in my latest book, From The Barre to the Boardroom.

“When you are contemplating a partnership, you and each of your partners should look at what you want and why you want it. When you or your partners are out of alignment with your what and your why, at some point, the partnership is going to derail because you are focusing on achieving and gaining different things for your life and business.”

If you are bringing on a partner or team member, ask them this question and truly listen to their response:

What do you value most in your life? Why do you do what you do?

They might say family. Maybe passion or children or travel or success or money.

All answers are right. But do they fit with your vision? Do they fit with your what and why? The what and why that form your business foundations?

Even if the person seems right, their what and why are big pieces in your hiring decision.

We were all on vacation, or are going on vacation, this month here at Slater Success.

Our newest member, Nina, was just in Montana! Liz was visiting the South of France, Tara is headed to Atlantic City and I spent time in LA for both business and pleasure.

And we will all be enjoying a few more vacations throughout the rest of the Summer because for this team our ‘WHY’ consists of family, friends, fun, flexibility and freedom. And we value rest and recharging. We work hard but we also play hard and we respect each other’s vacation time.

Simon Sinek, author and speaker, who also did a Ted Talk a few years back said, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

Writing my book, the goal wasn’t for me to make money and I don’t stand up trying to sell the book without providing value as to why.

Writing this book was about sharing my story and telling the world why I do what I do. I teach and speak on relationships, because I’ve seen firsthand what happens when people come together and form lasting connections.

People don’t just buy Slater Success services or books, they buy our belief in our work.

Does your audience know your what and why?

Do you personally know your what and why?

Does your team?

Might be time to get chatting and thinking or maybe...vacationing!

On a fun and true note, when Nina was interviewing to join our team I asked her to do this exercise as part of the interview process. I truly do as I suggest to others. Nina was blown away by the exercise and it brought immediate connection and alignment to our team.

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