Keep dancing + you gotta see this video

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An 8 count. One of the basic elements you learn when you start dancing. It’s all about rhythm and pattern and moving with flow and ease.

I speak often about dance, even centered my last book around dance and business, because it’s a huge part of my past and is still something I enjoy today. 

Dance is dance. Music is music. It’s universally understood and appreciated.

Dance has evolved over the years from the jitterbug and the bunny hop to the dab and the dougie. (Don’t ask me how to do those, by the way).

I enjoy following Nick Kosir, known as the dancing weatherman, on Instagram from Fox 46. He is a meterologist that also records videos of himself doing today's trendiest dances. He is really great. This one of him dancing to Beyonce is one of my favorites. 

When we are dancing, we feel free. We move to what we feel inside and if we used that same concept in business, we’d all be successful. 

Going with the flow, going with what feels right and feels good is not only good dance advice, it’s good business and life advice. 

If you are in the middle of dancing, you don’t just stop in the middle of the song. You see it through. You commit. 

In business, you can’t stop in the middle of the project or the middle of the vision because you feel you don’t have the moves. YOU HAVE IT! 

Stay in motion, keep taking action. Just remember to DANCE.


Dream the big dream. Take action on it. Nurture it until it comes to pass. Celebrate the results. Expand in business and in mind. Grow personally and grow in sales. 

The next time you feel like you aren’t in flow and your business is starting to sound like a song you don’t want to hear, change it.

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