Your calendar is where it all begins

Imagine you’re making an omelette. Fun fact: I don’t eat eggs. So I definitely would not be making one, hehe. 


You take each egg out of the carton, crack them one-by-one into the bowl, all breaking a little differently - some crack perfectly, some have double yolks, some crack crookedly and you end up with a shell in the mix, but in the end, you whip them all together and they create one cohesive liquid.

Your calendar is a lot like those eggs. At first, you have a lot of eggs in your carton to work with. And you must find a way to whip them all together so it fits with your lifestyle, a cohesive mix. This could be client meetings, team obligations, networking events, speaking gigs, family time, self-care, etc. 

The order in which you crack the eggs into the bowl is up to you. But what happens when you crack one too hard and it spills all over the place? This is when you calendar yourself too busy and it’s just messy. 

What happens when you dont crack an egg hard enough? Nothing. The yolk doesn’t make it into the mix. This often happens with family time or vacation. You fear pushing for it too hard, so it just doesn’t make it into the bowl. 

Take the time to ensure you are prioritizing your calendar and whipping things into the mix at the proper time and with the proper effort. 

After you have your liquid, you pour it into your pan and in just a few minutes, your omelette is ready. Looking completely different than it did when it went in. 

When you go into a meeting or an event, you come out looking and feeling differently. The weekend spent with your family (like the one I just had for my daughter’s birthday) might have completely re-energized you. The meeting with the potential client might have you coming out inspired and motivated. 

Now, what makes an omelette really fantastic is all the extra stuff. Ham, cheese, peppers, onions, whatever you desire. This is where you bring in the flavor.

You take the spontaneous vacation. You speak at the unexpected gig. 

I spent the last few weekends on self-care and family time right along with work time. I planted the biggest garden I’ve ever had, spent time with my mom and entire family, went to The Preakness (see my video from last week if you missed that update) and I also handled work events, presentations, client work and travel. 

You can’t make an omelette without eggs and you can’t live a fulfilling professional and personal life without mixing in the work and the play and scheduling them both.

Ivy SlaterComment