Ask yourself these questions before your next vacation


The greatest piece of advice I’ve ever heard about vacation was from a dear friend of our family named Abe. He said that you should be planning your next vacation when you are on your way home from your current vacation. 

This gives you the drive to take action and actually make future plans. Plus, it takes away from a little of that sadness you feel when you are heading back to reality, because you know there is another trip on the horizon. 

On the practical side, you have to think about your business and how it will run without you at the helm.

Plan the trip! Yes, that is step one. 

Now, ask yourself:

How long will I be gone?

If it’s a long weekend or even a 4-5 day trip versus a 2 week or maybe even a month trip, that is a huge difference. It determines how far ahead of that trip you need to make plans with your team. Also take things into consideration like your wi-fi service, time zone differences and anything that might hinder your connection to your team. 

What needs done while I am away and who will handle it?

If your team already handles client communication, great. But who will make decisions in your absence? There could be a timely issue and someone must be delegated to make the call. What deadlines, meetings or events will fall when you are gone? Get the support in place to attend for you or work out plans for extensions. 

What are my boundaries?

Will you still be available via email, phone, or text? Or do you want to completely unplug? Your team needs to know and understand and you need to stick to the plan. For me, I always spend about 30 minutes scanning email, even when I am away. I won’t spend any time working, but I will delegate or forward info that needs shared. Decide how often, if it all, you will touch base. It could be daily or maybe a weekly phone call. 

Is everyone clear on their duties?

Ensure your team knows what they are expected to handle when you are away. Also make sure they are comfortable with their duties and have the time themselves. Team members might be dealing with their own time off, family situations or even emergencies. Make sure you have double back-up for everyone. Nothing should fall only on you and nothing should fall only on one team member.

Are you ready?

Are you in the right mindset? If you’re going to take the time off, enjoy it! Don’t plan the trip when timing isn’t right. Be smart about it and when you are away, be away and be free!

By asking yourself these simple questions and putting systems and people in place to keep the wheels turning, you will be golden. 

Ivy SlaterComment