Are you watching him??


Are you watching him?? James Holzhauer has been absolutely dominating as a contestant on Jeopardy!, winning almost $1.7 million at the time of this newsletter. He is a professional sports better from Las Vegas and boy does he know how to bet. His risky moves have come with high rewards.

Even though this game has been on since the 1960s, no one has ever played quite like James. He starts at the bottom of the clues, the higher dollar amounts, amassing a large total so when he finds the Daily Doubles, he can truly maximize on his dollar figure. 

His background has surely played into his strategy but he is also just plain SMART! He seems to have knowledge in so many areas, which is a true feat in itself. 

Has he changed the game forever? 

When his run is over, will others follow his lead? 

It seems like a pretty great way to play, doesn’t it? 

Do you have a James strategy up your sleeve for your business? 

Are you playing by the rules and doing things how “everyone else does them” because you think it’s safe?

It might be time to work from the bottom up and start dreaming and playing big.

Everyone brings their own strategy to the game of business, in any role they might play, and each of those can work effectively for different people. 

James obviously knows numbers and understands risk. His knowledge is the foundation, because he took the time to learn about a variety of topics, to enhance his trivia knowledge. He mentioned that he reads children's books because they are filled with information in a more direct and fun way. He’s reading books to his 4 year old and learning in the process. 

Whether you own a business, manage a team or play as a team member, you need to find the strategies and bonus ideas that make the biggest impact. It’s okay if they aren’t “normal.” Off the wall, out of the box, there are reasons we use these phrases. 

Be innovative and come to play with an ultimate vision in mind that might just change the face of YOUR game.

Ivy SlaterComment