Nancy Snell
“Ivy’s program gave me focus, order and clarity not only to my business but to my life in general. Her 20 years of being a business owner herself brings credibility as well as empathy to the table. Ivy has an innate ability to zero in on a problem, no matter what the profession is, and come up with a very workable solution. In addition, listening and sharing with the “group calls” proved to be very enlightening as it brought up questions I may not have thought about before. With the “homework” assignments between calls, I was motivated to focus on my business and answer the really tough questions I had thought about but never really put on paper. As Ivy says, “Do 100% of your 50% of work,” and you will gain invaluable help to supercharge your business! As a true Southerner who has to “think about” a decision first, somehow I made the decision to join Ivy’s group in a “New York” minute, and I’m so glad I did.
— Nan Eberly • Design Corner at