My Book Launches Today + Inspiration Around It All


Today is the day! My second book, “From The Barre To The Board Room: Choreographing Business Success Through Authentic Relationships,” is available right here on Amazon, and for 24 to 48 hours it’s only $1!

It’s one of those bittersweet days. I am so happy to introduce this book to the world and share about the relationships and connections in my life that have helped me build my businesses, yet I’m sad the whole process is actually over.

In a few weeks, I’m going to share an entire newsletter dedicated to discussing the process and all the people that helped make this a reality, but today I really want to talk inspiration.

This book was inspired by my earliest lesson…dedication to your craft. 

As a young dancer, I remember countless hours of practice, looking into the mirror, gripping the barre, pointing my toes, challenging my body to learn and grow in the art form.

It never seemed like work to me, because I loved it so very much. And I know if I wouldn’t have injured myself, dance would have been a much bigger part of my story.

But life brought me new opportunities and I found another love…meeting people and forming connections. 

It sounds simple, but that has been the basis of all of my success and it’s why I knew an entire book around this concept was not only important, it was vital, to create.

I was able to once again dedicate myself to my craft by constantly finding ways to network, keep in touch, share, be of value to those around me. 

And again, it didn’t seem like work. 

In writing this book, the words flowed (of course my editor, Leah, helped a lot), but the stories were there, the way one person led me to someone else, which led me to yet another and all the twist and turns in between was really one magical journey. When I actually saw it, in black and white, it really looked spectacular.

Whatever your craft, whatever your goal, whatever your level in the process, relationships are key. 

From your childhood friends, to your college roommates, to your first boss and even that person you met last week at an event. 

Part of a famous poem reads:

“People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.”

That is beyond powerful. Keep it top of mind. 

If you want to learn more about authentic relationships, check out the book right here. I can’t wait to hear what you think! (For our international community we have special links available for you. Email and we’ll get them right over to you.)