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Ivy conducts seminars, workshops, & speeches at events and conferences all over the country.

Formerly a dancer, Ivy understands stage presence.  Described as “captivating & engaging”, Ivy speaks to support the largest number of women business owners possible. After running a 7-figure business for 20 years, and currently operating a successful 6-figure coaching business, Ivy draws upon her own experience, as well as the common struggles she sees with her clients and the many women she interacts with to create relevant, interactive, and productive presentations that provide focus, clarity, inspiration, and enthusiasm.


Speaking Topics Include:

  • Goal Setting Seminars

  • Keep It Simple: Stop Over complicating Your Business

  • Stepping Into Your Value. Take Home What You’re Worth as a Business Owner.

  • Know Your Number’s Story. Use it to Create Your Strategy for Success.

  • Create Your Business to Fit the Life You Want.

  • Conquer Your Fear of Money. Create a Successful Business. Live a Successful Life.


Signature Talks

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Know your worth and get paid for it.

The Money is in the Mindset

  • Changing the mindset around money.

  • Women stepping into their value and stepping into their worth.

  • Knowing your economic value.

  • How to ask for the price you know you deserve.


Take the drama outside and make more money.

Don’t Be Dramatic, Be Pragmatic.

  • Changing the mindset around money.

  • Knowing your numbers.

  • Identifying goals, and working backwards to create a plan to achieve them based on your current financial situation.

  • Building a support team to carry out your plans.

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